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CAMLOG® SCREW-LINE Implants are slightly conical, self-tapping screw Implants. They enable easy insertion by self-centering with continuous bone contact to achieve solid primary stability.

CAMLOG® Tube-in-Tube® Implant-abutment connection

The unmistakable Tube-in-Tube principle with the three interlocking grooves and cams creates a very precise, stable, and autorotational implant-abutment connection. This was designed biomechanically on the basis of complex finite element analyses. It has proven itself millions of times over for many years and its long-term success has been scientifically documented.

The CAMLOG® Tube-in-Tube® Connection has undergone extensive scientific studies and achieved above average good results for tightness and precision fit.

Advantages and benefits of the Tube-in-Tube® Connection

•Easy indexing thanks to three possible positions of the abutments

•Precise with excellent tactile feedback

•Platform Matching and optional Platform Switching

•Defined vertical stop: no height offset over the entire workflow

•Reduced diameter implant (Ø 3.3 mm)

•Scientifically documented long-term results


Promote® Surface


CAMLOG® Implants are available with the abrasive-blasted, acid-etched Promote®  Surface. The surface is based on current scientific knowledge and supports rapid osseointegration. Scientific results from studies with cell cultures, osteohistology and in pull-out trials illustrate this impressively.


CAMLOG® Prosthetic components


The CAMLOG® Implants can be provided with a wide range of flexible, anatomically adapted prosthetic components. CAMLOG® Abutments are color-coded according to the Implant diameters.