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Straumann® Q2 Promotion SLActive®

Straumann® More than creating smiles. Restoring confidence. Are you maximizing your patients’ healing capabilities?

With Straumann® SLActive® Performance beyond imagination, you can. Enjoy the exclusive 20+15* promotion for Q2 2021 for SLActive® Straumann Dental Implants, including BLX®.

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Straumann® BLX
Straumann® BLX has been designed for immediacy, and is also suitable for all other treatment protocols, ranging from immediate to conventional placement and loading. With Dynamic Bone Management, the Straumann® BLX has been specifically developed to make immediate protocols achievable, predictable and minimally invasive in all bone types. Straumann® BLX delivers real confidence through the combination of unique functional design with our high-performance Roxolid® material and the clinically proven SLActive® surface to deliver real confidence backed by long-term scientific evidence. Find out more at 

Straumann® ImmediaXy
Straumann® ImmediaXy covers all stages of an immediate treatment workflow: data acquisition, planning & design, surgery and restoration. It provides end-to-end solutions, which are designed to enable immediate treatments with predictable outcomes, even in challenging indications. Find out more at 

ITI World Symposium
Join us for an infinitely engaging and compelling journey at the first interactive online ITI World Symposium. Enjoy the pre-program starting in August and join the live event from September 1-5. You can re-watch and re-experience all the World Symposium 202ONE content until the end of September. Explore new solutions to your patients needs! Our novel scientific program will engage you via the patient experience. Hear how our international faculty of experts addresses their different concerns. Find out more at 

#TimeForImmediacy Virtual Event 
Watch the online symposium, in order to grasp of the “big picture” on immediacy solutions with valuable first-hand experience from world-renowned international speakers who will share, discuss, and highlight clinical advancements on immediacy concepts and present solutions for different reconstruction modalities. Moreover, special attention will also be given to effective patient communication and practice management. Register and watch at: